Maintenance Plans

Standard Manufacturer’s warranties typically state “If the equipment is to fail, replacements are provided directly from the manufacturer (Western Digital, Intel, AMD, S3, etc). The defective part would be removed, shipped to manufacturer, shipped back to us, and returned to you. There is no charge for this service; however, there may be some delays in getting the replacements returned to you from the specific vendor. The point being, some down time will exist. Labor costs to remove/install the components are separate.”

- Tappan Zee Consultants offer extended maintenance plans, which make TZC responsible to replace your equipment.

- Our first maintenance plan is for when your equipment fails. We will bring a new part from our inventory on site and install the piece. TZC is responsible to provide all parts AND labor. Our standard hardware service contract calls for a 24-hour response and 48 hour resolution. If the repair cannot be made in that time, a loaner unit will be provided. These are the service contracts we offer our priority clients. This has proven to be a cost-effective tool for our clients. Consider the extended maintenance plan insurance for your computers. It’s not IF you need a plan, it’s WHEN.  Keep your computer system up and running when you need it most.

- A second type of maintenance plan would be for consulting related services only. These contracts are commonly offered to priority clients and commit 3-6 hours a month to do on-site work. This time is generally used for computer-related issues; considerations, configurations, software loads, vendor communication, returns, training, software evaluations, and maintenance. This is an effective tool for businesses that are becoming more computer dependent. This service plan dedicates a computer professional on site to answer your needs.

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